PhotoExif App: for Analog Lovers

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Do you love analog photography but miss some of the advantages of digital photography? PhotoExif is for you!

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Record the parameters you used to take that beautiful picture (lens, shutter speed, aperture, geolocation and more) and save them as EXIF metadata when you develop your film as JPG or TIFF images!


  • Record the lens, focal distance, aperture, shutter speed and geolocation of each photograph.
  • Manage multiple cameras and films simultaneously.
  • Keep a catalog of your cameras and lenses for easy access.
  • Add some comments to your photos.
  • Browse the recorded parameters for any of your films.
  • Save the parameters as EXIF data when you develop your film as JPG or TIFF images, by using the free companion app PhotoExif Desktop.

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Record the parameters of your analog photos.

By using the intuitive interface that mimics the design of a SLR camera you can record the parameters of your analog photos.

Select the currently mounted lens, lens aperture, shutter speed and focal length you used to take the photo on your analog camera. Add some comments and all the information will be saved along with the GPS coordinates and the time the photo was taken.


Easily switch between cameras.

PhotoExif comes with support for multiple cameras. That is useful when you have more than one camera with film loaded.

Just tap the camera title and select your active camera among the list.


Review the parameters of your photos.

Tap on the analog photo counter to see a list of the photos you have taken and the parameters of each photo.

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Apply the EXIF data to your pictures.

You finished a film and already got it developed and scanned (either from your photography lab or from yourself!).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enhance the information of your JPG or TIFF files with the parameters you recorded using PhotoExif?

Just download the companion app PhotoExifDesktop, run it on your computer and select the folder containing your JPG or TIFF photos. Then tap on “Develop” and “Export” in the PhotoExif mobile app and both applications will communicate in order to let you add the information you recorded in the mobile app as EXIF data to your JPG or TIFF files.

The pictures on your computer then appear on your iPhone and are automatically matched with the information you recorded.