Pierre Dal Corso loves you

Pierre Dal Corso says:

I love my team as well. I trust them. I feel them being with me. I need them. I also want them to be proud of what we are doing. Doing shit is killing me. Even more when other people are involved. That’s still something I’m learning though. Not forgetting myself to please people but trying to stay true and find the right people to keep it like that.

I was ready. Ready to do what I love. She was there. She couldn’t stop moving. I couldn’t believe she was in front of me. She was playing. Playing naughty. Sending winks to Max behind his computer. Doing funny poses in front of Kamel to make him feel slightly uncomfortable. Exactly what I needed and wanted. She was perfect.

She was like a present to me, an opportunity. I was nobody and I got to shoot her. Her booker told me she needed some pictures because of a new haircut basically. I guess that’s how things are happening sometimes. It took me a few minutes to believe it. Still expecting everything to get cancelled last minute. It didn’t. (via)