Portrait Photography Cropping Guide


Digital Camera World, just like PetaPixel did before, shared an illustration explaining what the right angle to give to portrait photography is. I am a professional photographer – and I totally disagree with the suggestion that these two illustrations give.

I only consider tolerable the angle of the red picture showing hands, along with the last two showing feet, but I do not agree with the angles of the other photos, especially those showing the face.

In fact, the photographers dealing with pictures for the advertising and fashion, especially those working with celebrities, often use the macro just because you can get close enough to the detail that you can eliminate the ears of the person from the photo.

You can also be more daring and get closer, cutting forehead and chin.

This is not an uncommon practice; indeed, the final result is to get a beautiful portrait that almost captures the essence of the subject. This kind of angle is very often used in the beauty niche, for obvious reasons.

To better explain, I have selected ten examples of photographers who have made ​​a portrait “cutting” ears.

1. Mert+Marcus, Adele for Vogue


2. Winkler+Noah, Project: ‘The Witness


3. Solve Sundbo


4. Herb Ritts, Cindy Crawford


5. Mario Testino, Kate Moss for Vogue


6. David Slijper, Fan Bingbing for Vogue


7. Mark Abrahams


8. Thomas Rusch


9. Simon Emmett, Lily Cole


10. Norman Jean Roy, Monica Bellucci for Vanity Fair