Portraits of Vintage Cameras

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We’ve recently been shooting various elements for a promo piece, including some of my treasured cameras.
The originals for the promo piece, which is destined for high end print, were shot on a Contax 645 & IQ180 combo, and a set of those images were replicated and processed on the iPhone, using the Snapseed app. and then posted on Instagram.

Julian Calverley has been creating imagery in one form or another since he was old enough to hold a paint brush.

Born in Hertfordshire in 1964, he very quickly demonstrated a love and natural talent for drawing and painting, in particular watercolour landscape work.

After a brief and uninspiring spell at art college, Julian realised it was the mix of photography and traditional darkroom skills that would allow him to express himself most effectively.

The next few years saw experience gained with various studios and in 1988, at 24 years old, Julian set up his first studio and darkroom.

At home both in the studio and on location, shooting people, landscape, lifestyle, automotive and underwater, his cinematic style, mixed with a resourceful and passionate nature, has gained him a solid and trusted reputation with clients worldwide.

He now divides his time between personal and assigned work.

Increased demand for his personal landscape pieces has spurred Julian on to make his work available in the form of editioned Large Format Archival Pigment Prints.

He is represented in the UK by the Lisa Pritchard Agency, London, and in the US by Greenhouse Reps, New York.