Pregnant Nudes by Peter Dazeley

Dazeley_01 Dazeley_02 Dazeley_03 Dazeley_04 Dazeley_05 Dazeley_06 Dazeley_07 Dazeley_08 Dazeley_09 Dazeley_10 Dazeley_11 Dazeley_12 Dazeley_13 Dazeley_14

Beautiful nudes of pregnant women by Peter Dazeley.

Dazeley’s on-going personal project to photograph naked, pregnant women has been a journey of discovery, experimenting with a variety of lenses, including anamorphic, and using different lighting techniques. Photographing the shapes of pregnancy he found visually stimulating, as every pregnant body is different. Each session starts as a blank piece of paper in collaboration with the models and personal friends and has been a wonderful, intimate experience. All the pictures are produced as platinum prints on French hand-made watercolour paper, by 31 Studios in Gloucestershire, England.