Professional Photo and Cinema Filters by 84.5

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84.5mm are professional photography filters for digital and analog photos. They are compatible with conventional filter holders of other brands (such as “P” type 84-85mm width). These filters are made from organic glass, which have first class optical and mechanical properties. Even in area of digital photography, optical square filters are unique in that most of them can not be digitally emulated, (for example gradual ND – Neutral density filter) or realand natural (analog) effect of many color filters can’t be done digital way (by Photoshop/plug-ins) in the same quality with natural look.

Neutral Density Filters:

Are filters designed to reduce exposure of the upper (darkened) part of the filter, used to reduce highlights/overexposure of the upper part of image / sky.

Classic Graduated Filters:

Classic color gradual filters for special/artistic effects and corrections

Stripe Filters:

Ideal for natural color effects on the horizon


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