Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air

Award-winning photographer Marcel Lämmerhirt was the first photographer to ever lay his hands on the Pro-B4. Marcel, who loves to shoot fast and extreme sports, was especially impressed by its speed and action-freezing capability. He decided to use these unique features to take a sequence shot of the world champion in wakeboarding, Dominik Gührs.

“Sequence shots are amazing for jobs like this,” says Marcel.

“But it’s probably just as useful if you’re in the studio. For instance, if you’re a fashion photographer and the model’s hair or robe is flying around or you’re working with powder or something like that – a sequence shot would be just perfect. In that case you may even connect the Pro-B4 to a mains outlet and shoot continuously for days!”

Profoto Pro-B4 in the competent hands of Marcel Lämmerhirt shooting wakeboard world champion Dominik Gührs

Doing a sequence shot means that Marcel does not have to meticulously time his shots. Neither does he have to ask Dominik to do the same jump over and over again. Instead he can just shoot a sequence and then select that perfect shot.

Apart from utilizing the Pro-B4’s fast recycling, Marcel also wanted to experiment with its exceptionally short flash durations. To do so, he brought Dominik ashore, placed him in-between three Pro-B4s (two rim lights equipped with Magnum Reflectors and blue color filters and one main light with a Softlight Reflector White).

He then threw water on him and pressed the shutter release. so, if you have ever wondered what a splash of water looks like at a record-breaking 1/25,000 second, feast your eyes on this.

“Regardless of how much I love the sequence shots, the water splash portrait is probably my favorite shot,” says Marcel. “I’ve never seen water frozen like this before. You can really see how sharp and crisp it is. It’s unbelievable.”