Remembering Lars Tunbjörk: Legendary Color Photographer of the Absurd

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Lars Tunbjörk with his pictures, whether they are verging on the surreal or the humorous, always captures the Swedish soul.
Like many others of his generation, he started out working for the daily press, shooting in black-and-white, with a sharp eye and a playful sense of composition, filled with energy, smiling at the situations he encountered on streets corners and in the countryside.

Tunbjörk then, looked to American color photography, which, essentially, changed the stakes of what had previously been limited to the utilitarian style of press photography. His deep understanding of the situation would be his starting point, it is color photography that he would explore as a sometimes venomous tool to capture the world around him.

He established himself as one of the most important European color photographers of his time, and was followed, years later, by younger Scandinavian, German and British photographers who were always moved by the same radicality and despondency at the state of society.