s[edition]: buy arts in digital format!

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s[edition] is a revolutionary new way to collect art by the world’s leading contemporary artists in digital format. You can buy Damien Hirst or Wim Wenders works, for example!

Now you can buy art by the world’s leading contemporary artists at a price you can afford. Once editions are sold out, you can sell your works to other collectors through the s[edition] marketplace launching soon.

As a collector, you receive regular information directly from the artist, get priority access to new editions and can connect to other collectors.

All purchased editions are stored for you in your Vault. Think of your Vault as free online storage for your art collection. Your Vault lets you view in high resolution, download images, check your Certificate and send your art to your iPad, Blackberry, connected TV or any other connected device.

With our free apps for iPhone and iPad, viewing your art could not be easier. Just sign in, and your entire collection loads automatically, and once loaded, you don’t even need an internet connection.

Still images can be downloaded from your Vault — just click Download. To download to your smartphone, choose Send to Device. The download is automatically resized and optimised for your screen resolution.

We do not currently support the ability to download videos.
Videos must be viewed either online or offline via a supported app. Our free apps for iPhone and iPad are currently available through the App Store.

Every purchased edition is tracked using digital watermarking technology.

Your art can be identified, verified and traced to you. As a collector, you agree to the s[edition] Conditions of Purchase and are responsible for the use of your art. You can view your art for personal use only, on any device you own or control.

s[edition] aims to build an open culture of responsible collecting.
Unauthorised copying or display will be punishable under all applicable laws.

All works are certified limited editions by the artist.

Each edition has its own Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist and s[edition]. Your Certificate is proof of ownership, and contains your name, the date of purchase, the title of the work and the edition number.

Certificates are automatically generated upon completed purchase of an artwork. Your Certificate and your art are stored in digital format in your Vault.