Silentium and Afleur: Underwater by Giuseppe La Spada


What is love? And if love was a flower? and if love was a flower of paper, a flower cloth? Where does love hide? My ispiration, the poetic highpoint of Vigo’s cinema, the skipper has been told that one can see the person that one loves underwater.
In Western culture, the tulip is a symbol of inconstancy. In oriental culture is perfect love.

Giuseppe La Spada was born in Sicily in 1974.  He is an digital artist /  filmmaker based in Milan, whose work is greatly influenced by Nature, Music and Poetry. The exclusive use of natural elements positions him as one of the most sensitive italian artists towards environmental issues.  Always interested by creating synesthetic experience.

His multidisciplinary background allows him to work in several fields as advertising, photography, video art and digital installations. He has collaborated with artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Christian Fennesz, Marithè Francois Girbaud, Ben Frost, Con_cetta. Member of “The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences” (New York).

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