Space and Energy by Luca Zanier

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Enormous spaces, endless walkways, wide sluices, cryptic signs; all combined with miles of cables and pipes. They form a technical universe that radiates a cool logic. A hidden world, known only to a few and yet which has a huge influence on our day to day lives, absolutely essential in fact.

Nuclear power plants, coal-fired power stations, storage facilities for nuclear waste and other energy systems can at the same time intimidate and fascinate a visitor. They seem to have originated from other planets or science-fiction films. Strange worlds, emanating a cool logic; cathedrals of industry, temples of an energy-guzzling society. Energy systems are hidden universes, accessible to very few people, highly protected against accidents and terroristic attacks.

My intention is to capture these plants on film in an artistic manner. Pure information is in the background. The idea is more about perspectives, colours and shapes. What I am proposing is to dissipate technology into aesthetics, at least to a certain extent. Only the caption will remind the beholder of what he or she is contemplating: A highly complex system whereof our modern life depends. Energy systems which serve us and, at the same time, can threaten us. (via)

Luca Zanier

Power Book
by Luca Zanier
With texts by André Küttel
and Bill Kouwenhoven,
German / English
112 pages, 37 color illustrations
27 × 37 cm, Hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN 978-3-7165-1743-7