Spectacular Day view of Manhattan

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“Me and my friends are creating project AirPano. I joined AirPano since its beginning as a project coordinator, photographer and color correction artist.

AirPano is a noncommercial project focused on creation of high resolution 3D aerial panoramas. Our  team is a group of panorama photography enthusiasts from Russia.

Airpano mission is to show the beauty of the world from the air  to all people in a way they never seen before. Free of charge on website www.AirPano.com. We have been already working for 3 years and made aerial panoramas and virtual tours of the most famous wonders, landmarks and cities from different places around the world, which are included in UNESCO World Heritage sites and different TOP100 lists.

Normally, we shoot from a helicopter but sometimes we use light jets, dirigibles, air balloons and radio-controlled helicopter models.

During nearest 2 years the Airpano team is going to shoot the aero-panoramas and create the virtual tours of the most significant and interesting cities and corners of our planet. We already have created more than 250 panoramas which show more than 70 places of our world. You are welcome to see them on our website. AirPano is a world leader in number of exhibited places, quantity of aerial panoramas as well as in art and technical quality of the creative works. Every week we present a new virtual tour on our website.

What are the spherical panoramas represented in this project?

In comparison with a traditional photography, where a viewer is limited with a framework of imprint, or in comparison with a video, where everything happens strictly in accordance with a scenario of director, in a sphere the viewer is transferred to the point of shooting and is at his/her own disposal: one can do everything he/she wants.”

Serge Semenov