Speed Sketched People of Tokyo by Hama-House

hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-2 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-3 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-4 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-5 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-6 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-7 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-8 hamahouse-instagram-quick-sketch-10

As a talented illustrator of the moment,
Hama-House has worked in a broad range of artistic contents:illustration & design for CM, books, magazines,
continuity for advertisings and promotion vidios. Prior to a current job, he has worked in the video contents company.
He earned B.A. in Art from Kanazawa College of Art, Japan. (via Spoon&Tamago)