Star Wars Spaceships by Vesa Lehtimaki

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Many people have asked me how do I do these spaceship photographs. My answer is this: I take a camera and I photograph what I see. This is on our backyard in April 2013.

No, I wish it was that simple. This is a shot that I did not know how to process at the time I shot it and I abandoned it. I found it this weekend but I could not find the RAW format originals anymore, I guess I tossed them in frustration. So, I thought it might be a good idea to try to salvage this using what I had. And bingo! I realized what I’d done wrong almost a year ago, and after that epiphany this was not that difficult a composite anymore.

The lesson we learn from this: never throw out anything, buy more memory instead.

Influenced by the work of Cédric Delsaux.