Submit your photos! National Geographic Photo Contest 2013/14


Submit your best shots in any of these three categories: people, places and nature. Please submit images that accurately reflect the captured moment in time. In other words, keep it real. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., to participate in the annual National Geographic Photography Seminar in January 2014: A behind-the-scenes experience like none other.

During the contest, come back weekly to see our editors’ top picks. Want to be your own judge? View every photo, choose your own faves, then share them with family and friends.

A selection of the past years. Above: During a regular trip through the forest, of which my actual intent was landscapes, I encountered this stunning little Red Fox. The moment came as the light broke through the clouds and trees, he turned with a glance of curiosity and gave me the unusual composition I was after. A scene I’ll never be lucky enough to see again in my life, so was over the moon I’d managed to capture the moment. Location: Thetford Forest, England. (© Sam Morris)


When you study the flower of life, you will begin to see that all life is built in spirals. Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (© Harjen Woltjer)


Taken at Mishima town in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. The first train goes across the railway bridge through in morning mist. The train moves forward little by little slowly. I thought, this sight has expressed the Fukushima people defying to recover from the earthquake and nuclear accident. But it is an uncertain endless journey. (© Teruo Araya)


Westley Wade was born prematurely at 28 weeks due to complications with pre-eclampsia. In this image, his adoring parents were just told that depending on test results their baby who weighed less than 2 pounds could potentially need heart surgery. As his parents emotionally looked down at him through cords and wires, this warrior newborn (4 day old) baby boy Westley shot his hand up straight for them as if to let them know, that everything would in fact, be alright. Gratefully, it was and is. Westley is now 10 pounds 9 oz at 4.5 months and continues to amaze everyone who crosses his path. Location: BC Womens Hospital, Vancouver, BC. (© Erin Wallis)


This was taken early morning while at Richmond Park, London, in Late October. (© Prashant Meswani)


A brown bear shaking off its wet fur in Kamchatka, Russia. (© Robert Pfaffenbauer)


Snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide stretch across the landscape west of Denver, Colorado, seen from a high-altitude balloon. From 86,000 feet the Moon shines bright against the inky black of the stratosphere while in the foreground Interstate-70 carves its way up the valley toward high alpine passes and the famous ski resorts of Colorado. (© Patrick Cullis)


Our black smoke Maine Coon queen. (© Robert Sijka)


A jewel in the crown. A stunning amber eye glowing in contrast to a dark face. Capturing the beauty of endangered wildlife helps remind us and display the precious creatures we may lose. Silverback Gorilla, London Zoo. (© Sam Morris)