Sun City Seniors by Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

“In the United States in 1960, the average life expectancy (average for all races and sexes) was 69.7 years. In 2010, that number had increased to 78.7 years. How prescient it was for entrepreneur Del Webb, in 1959, to build Sun City, Arizona – the first active retirement community for the over-55? Webb predicted that retirees would flock to a community where they were given more than just a house with a rocking chair in which to sit and wait to die. Today’s residents keep their minds and bodies active by socializing at over 120 clubs with activities such as square dancing, ceramics, roller-skating, computers, cheerleading, racquetball and yoga. There are 38,500 residents in the community with an average age 72.4 years.”  Text by Paula Nelson, Boston Big Pictures. (via)