Syngenta Photography Awards 2013 Winners Announced


The largest migration in human history is happening.

Every day, around 180,000 people leave their rural homes for cities and the promise of educational, economic, and social benefits; but poverty is now growing faster in cities than in rural areas. More than a billion people live in urban slums, typically with little access to water, sanitation or shelter. If left unchecked, the UN-Habitat estimates there could be a worldwide slum population of three billion by 2050.

Rural communities feel the effect of migration too: investment in services decreases, labour becomes scarcer, and communities can lose some of their sense of purpose and viability.

Revolutionising life in slums, creating sustainable cities, and revitalising rural economies is at the heart of resolving many of today’s rural-urban conflicts.

Innovative thinking and creative ideas are making a difference. For example, in Kenya and India, low-cost, low-tech housing is being developed. In Tanzania, public-private partnerships aim to make farming profitable and architects in Tianjin, China, are designing new cities with sustainable solutions at their foundation.

It’s just the start.

Paolo Patrizi (photo above)


Henk Wildschut


Ql Wu


Ql Wu


Pierfrancesco Celada


Martin Roerners


Greg Girard


Alessandro Grassani


Albert Bonfills


Andi Wijaya


Ricardo Teles


Daniel Beltrà


Daniel Beltrà

The three winners for the Professional Commission are:

Jan Brykczynski (Poland), First Prize Winner
Mimi Mollica (Italy), Second Prize Winner
Pablo Lopez Luz (Mexico), Third Prize Winner

The three winners in the Open Competition are:

Holly Lynton (USA), First Prize Winner
Vitaliy Popkov (Ukraine), Second Prize Winner
André François (Brazil), Third Prize Winner