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Brief Encounters: Gregory Crewdson Movie

Crewdson is one of the best photographers of the world. Gregory Crewdson’s work is in many collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, LACounty Museum. A traveling exhibition of his work is now touring museums in Europe. The body of work featured in the film is “Beneaththe Roses,” and […]


Gregory Crewdson: In a Lonely Place

Edward Hopper Black and White Crewdson’s photos are from the series ‘Sanctuary’, shooted at Cinecittà Studios of Rome, Italy. The American middle-class nightmare: nothing is clean, orderly, idyllic, or romantic. In his perfectly staged, hyperrealistic tableaux, photographer Gregory Crewdson reveals the claustrophobic limbo and abyss of spiritual repression that is the typical suburb. Here, hushed-up […]

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Gregory Crewdson interviewed by 5 and behind the scenes

We collected and mixed 5 different interviews at Gregory Crewdson plus 2 video interviews. So you can know better as Crewdson works. Q & A with Gregory Crewdson  Currently showing at SITE Santa Fe is a rather incredible display of images by New York artist Gregory Crewdson. The exhibition contains photos from two series, Hover (1996-1997) and Twilight (1998-2000). Crewdson […]