The Comics of Gemma Correll

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Hello, I’m Gemma.
I am a cartoonist, writer, illustrator and all-round small person.

I’m the author of “A Cat’s Life” (Te Neues, 2012), “A Dog’s Life” (Te Neues, 2013), “A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette” (Dog N Bone, 2013) and “A Pug’s Guide to Dating” (Dog N Bone, 2013)
My greetings card and gift range, Pickle Parade, is available from various retailers, including Paperchase and WH Smith.
I also draw a monthly Skycats cartoon for the Emirates Airlines Open Skies magazine.
I have worked for clients including Hallmark, The New York Times, Oxford University Press, Knock Knock, Chronicle Books and The Observer.

My wonderful Illustration agents are  Anna Goodson Management.