The Drew Barrymore Project


Behind the Scenes:

Photo by Kwaku Alston

“Recently, I was brainstorming with how to illustrate my creative process using another medium besides photography, when I happened to meet a talented stop-motion animator, David Szmit. Our chance meeting was the catalyst that sparked a creative union between stop motion and still photography. The result is the Drew Barrymore multimedia project. Merging still imagery and animation, this piece represents the steps an artist takes to select and edit images that define a special moment with their subject. Working with an animator was a refreshing way to visualize my personal creative process for others.

The images of Drew are from a USA Weekend shoot under the directon of photography director, David Baratz.

Thank you to everyone for their creative efforts including David Szmit, J. Garcia, Dominic Kelly, Sara Swaty, David Baratz, Mark Townsend, Pati Dubroff, Anda + Masha, Chris Miller, Kevin McKeon, and of course, Drew Barrymore.