The Easy-Macro Smartphone Lens / Kickstarter Photography


Easy-Macro is the simplest, most convenient and easiest to use macro lens available for smartphones.  Its 4x magnification gives your phone’s camera close-up powers that you never thought possible and its unique, patented design means that it will fit on any smartphone available today (and tomorrow!) with or without a case.  It is also the only smartphone lens that stores in your wallet so you never leave it behind.  If you take photos with your phone, you need an Easy-Macro.

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Product History

Since we launched the original product in 2011, Easy-Macro has been a hit!  Easy-Macro was started by my wife and I after I couldn’t find a close-up lens for my smartphone that was convenient to keep with me.  I enjoy taking close-up photos, but I rarely know when I’m going to see something that I want to photograph.  If I don’t want to miss a shot, I have to carry the lens with me all of the time.  I also hate carrying extra stuff in my pockets.  I hate it!  No way am I going to carry a bulky lens around with me all of the time and, if I’m not going to carry it all of the time, it will have one predictable fate: getting lost in a drawer of miscellaneous items.

After a bit of thinking, I had it:  a simple objective lens mounted in an elastic band.  This design would fit around any smartphone (no need for a new accessory every time I upgrade my phone!) and be thin enough to fit in the slimmest of wallets without adding noticeable bulk!  All I had to do was make a working prototype.

A trip to the drug store provided me with all I needed to prove the concept.  There were pieces of material everywhere: hair bands, bracelets, sew-in elastic strips, and the winner: the under-appreciated but trusty office supply rubber band.  The result was amazing!  Not only would this one-of-a-kind macro lens fit any smartphone, it fit every device from an iPod Touch to a 10″ iPad!  The photographic results were equally dramatic.  We had something!


Since 2011, Easy-Macro has received many glowing reviews from the likes of GizmodoWiredDPReviewAndroidPolice9to5MacMacLifeGottaBeMobileiPhoneAlley, and the list goes on!  We have several online retailers selling our current version of the product around the world including and  When Photojojo debuted Easy-Macro in their online store in 2011, they sold-out of their first 2000 units in just a couple of days and were backordered for 4 months due to the incredible demand!

More recently, Lancôme Paris has purchased a large quantity of Easy-Macros which they will be using to demonstrate their skincare products’ effectiveness at makeup counters worldwide!  Easy-Macro was chosen over all other available macro lenses for smartphones due to its ability to quickly attach to any smartphone (even over a bulky case) in addition to its good looks and ease of use.

Where Kickstarter Comes In

Fast forward 2 years and over 35,000 Easy-Macros have been produced!  There’s only one problem: we can’t keep up with demand.

You see, every single Easy-Macro is hand-made to exacting standards.  In fact, we throw out about 25% of the units that we make because they do not meet our high expectations for the product.  Production is a difficult and time-consuming task that takes patience and skill.  This is where Kickstarter comes in: through countless hours (and weeks and months) of hand making Easy-Macro, we have developed an updated design that not only retains all of the function and convenience of the original product, it makes it stronger, better looking, and easier to produce!  The new design will also reduce the material wasted on units that do not meet our quality standard.  This is what some might call a win-win-win-win.

Finally, our hope is that production will become easy and efficient enough to bring it back to the US where it all started.  My wife and I made the first 10,000 pieces ourselves at our kitchen table, sometimes staying up until 3am to complete orders on time while also working full time.  When no US suppliers would make the product to our standards for a reasonable price, production was moved to China.  After successful funding of the campaign, the assembly work will be offered to US companies once again, including Goodwill Industries.  Beyond their chain of thrift stores, Goodwill hires those that might otherwise not be able to find work, including those with mental and physical impairments.

We need the help of you, our backers, to secure the necessary tooling and minimum order quantity to create a custom lens design that will streamline production and allow us to provide our customers with an even higher quality product at the same affordable retail price of $15.  By backing us on this project, you have a chance to snag the latest and greatest Easy-Macro for only $10; a 33% discount off of the retail price!

Where the Funds Will Go

With 2 years of production of the original product under our belts, we know exactly what goes into producing a high quality product for our customers.  While many Kickstarter projects offer amazing new products for much lower funding goals, we understand that quality manufacturers capable of delivering the kind of product our backers expect on time also demand higher prices.  We do not want to begin this project without knowing that we can deliver a quality product on time.  Much of the required expense is based on actual quotes from vendors or costs we have incurred on previous manufacturing such as materials and shipping.

  • $4,000 Fees paid to Kickstarter and payment processing
  • $6,000 for custom tooling and production equipment
  • $8,000 to secure materials for production
  • $4,000 for travel to China, if necessary, to oversee initial production
  • $10,000 for assembly of the units
  • $4,000 for shipping and importing completed units
  • $4,000 for shipping individual orders to our backers!