The Found Film: Undeveloped Film in Antique Cameras


Found film is the most common name for the still film or movie footage found exposed but undeveloped; it is also often referred as undeveloped film, or forgotten film. Grace and I travel back alley antique shops and garage sales searching for vintage cameras with the film still loaded. I find it interesting to develop a complete strangers unseen film, and the images are always a great surprise. Imagine finding a photograph of Abraham Lincoln, or a picture of Babe Ruth and a fan, the possibility are endless.

The Toronto Star emailed us last week regarding our growing found film collection and they offered to help us find the strangers in the photographs. Only three days later and we were featured on the opening page, and the telephone calls started pouring in. Most called to thank us for preserving a piece of forgotten history, others called to donate their vintage cameras. Surprisingly we did receive one email regarding the little boy standing by a tree. I will not go too far into detail, the gentleman that contacted us wanted to remain anonymous. The Toronto Star has added fuel to the fire, and we have decided to put a greater effort into collecting and showcasing our found film. We have added a new section titled “Found” at the top of every page on our website that will be updated weekly.”


“Every Sunday we jump in the van and head in a different direction for hours and hours searching for a rare
vintage camera with lost film. On this fine Sunday we found another $8 Kodak Hawkeye Brownie (above) with film still
loaded. Although only 4 photographs came out, it is a great way to time travel back and look at how
things once were.”

The Saturn V F1 Engine is a rocket engine developed by Rocketdyne and used in the Saturn V. Five F-1 engines
were used in the S-IC first stage of each Saturn V, which served as the main launch vehicle in the Apollo program.


These photographs were taken at the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, FL


“As I mentioned,(…) found film is the most common name for the still film or movie footage found exposed but
undeveloped; it is also often referred as undeveloped film, or forgotten film. We recently found this film loaded in a 1960
Yashica at an antique flea market just south of Barrie. If you happen to recognize anyone photographed please contact us.
In the meantime we will continue our treasure hunt for undeveloped film.”


“This young boy would probably be in his mid 60′s by now.”


“We purchased this 1953 Kodak Holiday Brownie for $10 at “Big Peach Antique Mall” in Georgia not that far from Atlanta last Summer.”


“A Mom is posing with their brand spanking new 1957 Chevy and nerd glasses.”


“We found this camera in an old barn antique shop along the highway somewhere in Kentucky on December 29th, 2012.”


“I think these photographs were taken in the early to mid 1990′s. I’m pretty sure my grandmother had the same Ford.”


“We purchased this Kodak six-20 Bull’s Eye Camera at an antique sale just outside of Niagara Falls. This model was manufactured from 1938 to 1941.”


“If anyone recognizes this gentleman or knows any history on this model airplane please email us at”

Other wonderful images here.