The High Tide by Alejandro Chaskielberg








Alejandro Chaskielberg is an Argentinian photographer based in Buenos Aires. He has developed projects in Japan, Kenya, Surinam and Argentina among other countries.

With The High Tide project Chaskielberg documented the Paraná River Delta near Buenos Aires and the community of islanders who live there. The Paraná is one of the major rivers in South America, running through three countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, and supplies water for more than one hundred million people. He has lived on the islands of the Delta for two years, sharing with the islanders their daily life to get closer to the way they live and work.

Shooting only at night, his use of long exposure allows the full moon to play a key role in composition and lighting, while the islanders remained still for up to ten minutes. Combining natural and artificial light he is able to compose images of detailed landscapes that encompass his sitters as well as the surrounding vegetation, water and sky, despite being shot at night.

Represented by Michael Hoppen Gallery.