The Photographic Sculptures of Gwon Osang

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Osang Gwon is a contemporary artist who blurs the divide between sculpture and photography. Osang Gwon has made it his quest to demolish the line that divides the medium of sculpture from that of photography.

He accumulates photographs to build sculptural forms and he sets up sculptural forms to compose photographs. Gwon relishes in the ambiguity that confuses the viewer—is his work two dimensional or three dimensional? Or simultaneously both? Feeding this creative method is the artist’s fascination with modern marketing, glossy appearances, and consumer culture, where he derives themes and extracts motifs as subject matter for his works.

Trained academically in sculpture, Gwon has incited interest in the circles of both sculptors as well as photographers. Dedicated to his most famous series, “Deodorant Type,” the bookGwon, Osang: The Sculpture was published by Arario Gallery. His work can be found in numerous local and international exhibitions, as well as in publications that present and feature contemporary Korean art. Gwon has held solo exhibitions in South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and his work was shown in the international touring exhibition, Roundabout, which traveled from New Zealand to Israel.  (via)