The Pocket Rig by Edelkrone

Cool stuff for dslr!

Pocket Rig is the smallest DSLR Rig in the world. It is no bigger than a battery grip! With such a compact size you can fit all your equipment in to a much smaller bag!

Pocket Rig embodies a stabilization stick which can be extended as much as 12 inches. The stick has a chest padding on the end which creates a large contact surface on your body. You will be able to comfortably press the setup on your chest and get rid of all the micro shakes which is very bad for any type of video project.

If you are using pro equipment like a follow focus and a matte box, this means that you need RODs. Despite its super compact size The Pocket Rig has a pair of 15mm industry standard rods hidden inside which you can fold out in 2 seconds!

Pocket rig has a 1/4 inch hole underneath. You can attach any tripod plate and use the Pocket Rig for your tripod setups. Perfect for everyone who wants to use a follow focus and matte box on a tripod.”