Touch me. But Softly.





To celebrate the International Women’s Day, the photographers and directors Winkler + Noah created a special project dedicated to female victims of violence: a photo series of flowers delicately touched by female hands.

Romina Raffaelli, – Noah – tells us what inspired them: “I believe that women, young or old, want above all sensitivity and respect. Often these are values that we take for granted, but in many countries it is not so: I think of the young Hindu women disfigured by acid, to the teenagers who are forced into prostitution, and domestic violence that occurs every day even in the so-called first world. All the women involved in these horrors are clamoring to be respected, to have someone that loves them and treats them in a way they deserve to be treated: with love, respect and sensitivity.

Let’s make the ‘2016 International Women’s Day’ a day where we only speak of love.