Toyota ME.WE Concept Car

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ME.WE: FORWARD-THINKING CAR – Designed by Massaud & Toyota ED2.

ME.WE’s philosophy combines flexible geometry, a customizable look and environmental responsibility. It features an aluminium tubular structure, expanded polypropylene panels, electric power wheels, and a bamboo interior.

The TOYOTA ME.WE concept car is the innovative result of a partnership between Toyota European Design & Development (ED2) and Jean-Marie Massaud, the renowned creative designer acclaimed for his visionary projects in design and architecture.

For ED2, which signed a partnership agreement with Studio Massaud in July 2011, it’s all about learning from a unique collaboration leading to a project that marks a paradigm shift compared to traditional vehicle design and engineering.

For Jean-Marie Massaud, the ambition is to ‘instill’ human, economic and environmental challenges into a realistic conception of an ‘anti-crisis’ car for today.