Universal Ringflash Adapter by Ray Flash

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The NEW UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER is a very affordable way to achieve typical ringflash lighting quality normally only available to studio flash equipment users.


It simply slips over the front of the flash unit, and will fit any lens with a front diameter of no more than 4″. It will replicate the lighting effect produced by traditional, expensive, and heavy powered studio ring flash units.

The light distribution is accomplished through a sophisticated system of internal prisms, reflectors and light-shapers designed to distribute and project the light evenly around the lens. Because the Ring Flash Adapter relies on the hot-shoe flash to generate its light, it contains no electronics, no flash tubes and requires no cumbersome cables. And in addition, TTL operation works exactly the same as with the flash itself.

The Ray Flash Ring Flash Adapter is ideally suited for fashion, wedding, portrait, journalist and macro photography as either a main or fill-in light.