Urban Romance by Matt Weber

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Photographer Matt Weber became fascinated by the images that flashed past his window as he cruised the streets of New York City as a taxi-driver more than 30 years ago and wanted to capture the moments in time that disappeared in an instant.

He began documenting urban life in the Big Apple in 1978, and street life in New York has continued to fascinate him.

The grittiness of the big city, captured in black-and-white, is revealed in his images of homelessness, poverty, violence, the loneliness of city life – but Weber has also captured a softer side of the city.

His photographs of couples in love – sneaking kisses through closing subway doors, hand-in-hand in Central Park – are genuine moments of happiness.

Weber told Slate his photography inspires curiosity about the subjects – who are they? What are they doing and why?

But when is comes to couples, he really just wants to capture moments of romance and happiness amidst the everyday struggle of the city.

‘There are so many miserable people,’ Weber told Slate.

‘You see a lot of people not looking very content. With happy people, I try not to worry why they’re happy.’

Weber’s photography is captured in a new book, Urban Prisoner, and available for purchase on his websites NYC Street Photography and Matt Weber New York Photography. (dailyMail)