V A N I S H by Patrick Fraser

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10 Facts about Patrick Fraser

1) When he was 18 he rode an Enfield 350 Bullet Motorbike around Northern India.
2) He is renovating a 1948 Homesteader cabin in Joshua Tree, CA.
3) Is reading Till the Sun Grows Cold by Maggie McCune
4) Made his first piece of furniture in 2012, a bench for his garden
5) Is restoring a 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV
6) Loves to sketch in his Moleskine
7) He is big on roasting and using the BBQ for slow cooking
8) Rents a production office near Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA
9) 2012 filmed a documentary about the art of Taxidermy called Skin Movers
10) He Plays the French horn