How wallpapers were made in the 1960s

Perfect Match is a deliciously vintage video, dating from 1968, that explains how was made the wallpapers in the 1960s. From the design to the wood engraving through the preparation of colors and the arrival of new machines, a nice retro video published by British Pathé.

Several shots at a factory in Perivale show wallpaper being made; a woman uses a routing machine to etch a design onto a block of sycamore wood; a man uses the block for hand-printing a roll of wallpaper. Some long sheets of garish red and gold wallpaper hang on high loops to dry.

Another man is seen mixing paint by hand in buckets to match sheets of groovy late ’60s wallpaper that hang behind him. In the factory we see a piece of machinery that prints surface colours on rolls of wallpaper; a man pours paint onto the rollers. Several shots of finished printed paper coming off rollers and hanging from loops to dry. Fabulous shot of a woman in a living room, furnished with wallpaper and matching curtains in the design we have just seen; she sits down and flicks through a magazine, looking up to admire her lovely curtains.

At the same firm’s factory in Uxbridge we see people working on curtain fabric designs in a studio – brilliant late ’60s styles. A hand flicks through a swatch book of fabric designs. Several shots of fabric being printed with mechanised screen printers and a rotary screen printer; C/U looking through one of the rollers as the fabric runs through and paint drips off; fabric is run through rollers into a bath to set the dyes; a man checks fabric as it runs over a board for imperfections. Numerous fabric designs are seen hanging – curtain style! They are fantastic (or hideous, depending on your taste) examples of interior decor from 1968! (via Ufunk)

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