Superb Paintings You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photographs

Superb Paintings You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photographs

enfoque-ii-oleo-sobre-lino-140-x-180enfoque-ii-oleo-sobre-lino-140-x-180-detalle-05 enfoque-ii-oleo-sobre-lino-140-x-180-pintor-05

Omar Ortiz – Oil on linen

jpeg-1 jpeg paul-cadden

Paul Cadden – Pencil on Paper

Bryan-Drury-Jan-2011-oil-on-wood-18x24 Jake-Garn Rabbi-Saul-Kassin

Brian Drury – Oil on Canvas

mike_bayne green fence 1 orange roof 1

Mike Bayne – Oil on Wood Panel

jpeg-2  jpeg-1 kamalky-laureanojpeg

Kamalky Laureano – Acrylic on Canvas

CompleteStop gregory-thielker Revisited UntilNow

Gregory Thielker – Oil on Canvas

lee-price painting23 painting25 painting30

Lee Price – Oil on Linen

1181932_orig 5226035_orig 6564540_orig

Ray Hare – Acrylic Painting on Canvas

33-- 37-- 38-- 43-- predro-campos

Pedro Campos – Oil on Canvas

Immaculatenewweb Omeganewweb Presencenewweb robin-eley

Robin Eley – Oil on belgian linen

helnwein png-2 png-3 png

Helnwein – Oil and Acrylic on Canvas


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    I sometimes would like to be able to pain that way, because it is very difficult to tell your model what to do. they never be able to look the way you want, the light never be prfect, the color never will be ideal, unless you will paint your photo by your self – My thoughts as i am a photographer. amazing craft of magic. Keep it that way !

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    The last two are really great. The rest are nothing more than facsimiles of real photos. That’s not to say that their artists aren’t talented, but it fails on a truer level of real art in that it doesn’t put a dose of the artist’s own soul into the paintings. The last two artists however, portrayed reality in a slightly different way- the way they see it, and thus brought this sort of art to a different and better level, in my opinion.

    • 21

      I agree with your comments and just had a quick question out of curiosity: how do you know the last two photos are not similar facsimiles?

      I was trying to look for little details that may indicate the pieces were painted as opposed to photos (for instance, the way the word “Coke” is shown on the Diet Coke can still-life looked a bit odd to me) – and had difficulty finding many instances of such ‘errors’ (if you could even call them that). I’d love to see more work like this, as I’m sure these artists are talented enough to create such images without replicating a photo (a skyline perhaps?).

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