Map of the World’s Most Photographed Places

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A new Google-generated “heat map” showing the most photographed locations on Earth means you’ll know exactly how to get to the most vacation slideshow-worthy spots on the globe.

The map accounts for the top 15,000 most photographed locations in Google’s Panorimo service, where users can submit geotagged photographs for inclusion in Google Earth. New York tops the list, but even a cursory glance shows that Europe is absolutely ablaze with shutter clicks. Locations are viewable down to street level, and are ranked based on the number of shots within a few square miles of the center of a given location.

Each location is linked to the original images, Google’s Street View, its Wikipedia entry and other online resources like a route planner, meaning you’ll never need another tour bus to show you all the photographic hot spots. If, on the other hand, you can’t stand tourists, this map will be useful for showing you where you should avoid. (via Wired)