Zaha Hadid, the best works

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Archistar Zaha Hadid is dead at 65. Striving to create a new form of modern architecture, Zaha Hadid has all but abandoned tradition to produce a revolutionary style that emphasizes asymmetrical geometries, unprecedented curves, and a dramatic flair that’s simply amazing, even through the lens of science fiction and fantasy.

Equally impressive (and most unexpected) is Hadid’s transition to clothing and accessory design, which is gracefully articulated through never before seen items like space-age Louis Vuitton handbags and wild, contemporary lines of footwear made by Melissa and Lacoste. All in all, to say her vision for modern society is “futuristic” would be a major understatement. Hadid’s state-of-the-art designs are groundbreaking, brilliant and inspirational, to say the least. (via)